Jecko Siompo’s Animal Pop in FRIED RICE performance, The Hague

For the past two weeks Jecko Siompo introduced his Animal Pop and the traditional dance moves of Java to the ten Dutch dancers of Ill Skill Squad, Acception, Don’t Hit Mama, The Hague Hip Hop Centre and Dox.
Animal Pop derives from Siompo’s youth experience when he went out hunting the animals with his father. While on the hunt as a young boy he had taught to imitate the sounds and mimic the movements of the animals to be able to catch them. In the hunting society of the Papuans animal movements were also integrated in the Papuan dance, which was an important part of Siompo’s life.

During their one month stay on invitation by Tong Tong Festival and Kosmopolis Den Haag, the artists performed their show We came from the East and gave several workshops and masterclasses Animal Pop.

Jecko Siompo and his dancers from JeckoSDANCE practiced the choreography for Fried Rice with the Dutch dancers in the Korzo Theatre as well at various outdoor locations in the city. The dance fragments were filmed and edited by Siompo into the short dance movie with the same title Fried Rice in which the choreographer plays with the shared political past of Indonesia and The Netherlands.

Jecko Siompo took the Dutch-Indonesian Round Table Conference held in The Hague in 1949 as an important element in his short film. During this conference The Netherlands agreed to transfer sovereignty back to Indonesia. Next to this serious political issue Siompo also makes fun of the weather contrast he experienced during his stay in Holland and points out the confusion that is created when hearing and speaking three languages at the same time.


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